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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh goody...... A pool!!

Diesel's group was thrilled with the addition of the pool in their pen! Dozer of course has to be in the middle of everything I try to do, so he helped me fill it!
Then Kodiak made his way over to help out too....

Meanwhile the rest of the little piggies made sure they inhaled dinner first!

Grizz chowing away. He's kind of a goofy, crosseyed looking boy!

Diesel watching the pool fill from above..

Razz also watching from above.

Cat after one psycho wrestle round in the pool, ran out and up and around the high parts of the cage, then back down into the pool for another round......

....and tried keeping Dozer from getting back in...

Then it was just a free for all in the pool!! And oh what fun it was to watch!

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