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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Crazy, crazy day! Release & relocation.

A vacation day from work definitely doesn't mean I didn't work!! Up bright and early and over to Diesel's group to feed them and bring a few last minute things over for their release.
Then back home to pack up Baloo, Scootch, RJ, Flipper, Willie, Einstein and Rosie....and everything needed for their release site. A couple minor battles and some annoying wounds later, it's all packed up in the truck and we're on our way.
Got the gang set up in their new pen and off I go again.....back home to take care of the overwinters.
Back over to Diesel's group for the big release!!
Diesel, Tank, Cat, Dozer, Mack, Razz, Goldie, Panda, Grizz and Kodiak are now free raccoons! (sniff, sniff). I set up a couple feeders for them near their cage and explored the area with them for about an hour until it got dark. When it was time to leave I threw some treats down to occupy them while I slipped out of there. Diesel had already followed me down towards the car when I brought the empty buckets down, then followed me right back up so I didn't want a repeat of that! On my way down for the last time it was Razz that started following! "sigh" While his attention was diverted by something, I made a break for it...a mad dash down the rest of the hill. I hope if he tried to follow the sound of the car starting startled him off.
I'm anxious to get over there tomorrow and see how their first night went! I'm too pooped to even go back downstairs and get the camera to download the pics so stay tuned.........

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