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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Those left behind....

So with the final gang getting ready to be released possibly tomorrow, we have the rest of the babies staying the winter.
River had a seizure so she's staying to keep an eye on here and make sure they don't get frequent or worse.
Cinnamon and Peanut....they look like twins and the only way I can tell them apart is by the penis! (or lack thereof!! LOL)

Witchey...a late arrival that is slightly neurologic due to head trauma. Like River, she will stay so I can keep an eye on her condition to make sure it doesn't get any worse.

Don't forget about me!! River again....yes I remember you River!!

Phoenix our recovered burn victim. Just the sweetest coonie ever!

The 2 parvo girls...River (again!) and little Raquel, the smallest of the 6.

Witchey again...

Gimme that camera!

Raquel is thrilled to be in the big pen now!

So that is what is left of my gang. We have since added 4 more too!! Laurie's overwinters began to stress out when their 6 other siblings were taken to the release site. They were injuring the pads on their paws pacing in the cage and trying to get out maybe?? So we decided to try adding them to my crew in the bigger cage. It's done wonders for them! Everyone gets along great and they are thrilled to have new siblings. The paws are healed and everyone has settled in great. I hope to get pictures of the new improved crew soon!

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