North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A great release & a great visit!

Monday night was another busy night here in raccoon city! Two groups were released....Laurie released hers and my Baloo, RJ, Rosie, Scootch, Flipper, Willie and Einstein are now free coons! It was a little easier than the first group. With the exception of Baloo and Rosie, this gang wasn't as clingy and had no problem wandering off and letting me escape without following me when the time was right.
Rosie was the first one out while the rest of the sleepy heads lounged in the den box.
Suddenly everyone realizes....hey...she's on the OUTSIDE having fun!!

We wanna go out there! How do we get out there!!!

They FINALLY find the door and it's a mass exodus!

Lots of fun climbing trees and hanging out on the top of the cage!






Willie playing peek-a-boo.......
...and Mr. fireman....he slid down this tree like a fire pole!
Baloo was the last to leave the cage and I kind of had to coax her down to join the others before they took off without her!

I went back Tues. afternoon before work and no sign of anyone!
After releasing Baloo's crew I scooted over to the release site for Diesel's group. Based on the time stamp on the coon cam pictures, they usually start arriving around 7:15pm. I got there about 7 and immediately found Tank up a tree.He was thrilled to see mom again! Shortly there after my baby Dozer showed up and was in my arms with the biggest coonie hugs for mom!
While Tank and Dozer lounged in my lap, Kodiak and Panda came in for dinner. One more was up a tree but wouldn't come down and was too far away to tell who it was.
I hung out with them for about an hour....they look AWESOME! Very healthy, clean and happy. Dozer and Tank were particularly playful and Dozer dug my hat out of my pocket and ran off with it. I never did find it! When it was time to leave Dozer was having none of that....he followed me down to the car. (And it was all I could do not to let him hop in and drive off with him, I'll tell ya!!) Luckily I had some treats in there so I walked him back up there, left a pile of treats for them all, and snuck out of there....once again leaving them behind.
Why do I torture myself?!
Well I guess because as much as it sucks leaving them, it's so wonderful to see that they are doing well and happy! It's the reason I do this!


  1. I wanted to ask this question for a little while but never got the chance to. Is this Rosie the Roxy who injured her leg back in 2008 October and was one of the overwinters along with Outlaw, Charger, and Button?

  2. No...Rosie is a different girl...Rox actually went back out to Mary's where her sisters were still hanging around by the time she was healed..Tugger and Winnie were very happy to see her again!'re reminding me of things I must have forgotten to update! I remember what happened to them all but I forget people following are wondering "what the heck" if I forget to tell ya!

  3. haha ... thanks for giving a "belated" update. I'm sure you remember everyone of them, afterall you are their mom. It's perfectly understandable that you miss an update here and there coz there is simply too many things happening in your world.

    Glad that Roxy is with her sisters and they welcomed her back. Roxy is one of my favourites.