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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well the poor boy was getting agitated in his pen. I think he could hear and see his buddies River and Witchey across from him in the big pen and wanted in! In the hopes of further preventing more damage to his foot....I brought River over to join him. He was SO happy to see his sister again....a very cute and happy reunion.

But then River was agitated trying to get back to her pen and the 9 friends she left behind there. So I came up with another compromise....I separated the small section of the large pen off and put River and Einstein/Willie (I'm still not positive which one it is but now I'm leaning towards Willie) in there. The entry window was covered with wire so they can interact with the other babies. Soon they should all be used to Einstein and then when his foot is well enough they can all be mixed in together!
His poor back foot looks like hamburger! It looks awful...and much worse in person even! I've rigged the cage with flat surfaces and shelves for him to walk down so he doesn't have to use the foot to climb.

The very happy reunion!

River is definitely enjoying the new shelves!

Einstein meets the rest of the gang.

I think the foot is going to get worse before it get's already looks worse since these pictures were taken......keeping a close eye on it in case it doesn't start healing properly.

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