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Friday, February 12, 2010

Fisher's and red fox and coyte......oh my!

The Woburn release site is like Grand Central Station! Video from this past week showed a bunch of the gang....Cat, Grizz, Dozer, Goldie, Tank, Diesel that I'm pretty sure of. And a couple of the coonies already living in the area before all these annoying young'uns showed up!

Then we have our coyote friend.....if there is enough on the ground he's in luck and he cautiously gobbles it up while keeping a very close eye on that very scary white thing hanging there. He (or she....haven't gotten THAT close of a look!) basically does a chew and screw...never more than a couple minutes there.

A new customer and a little bit braver is the red fox. He or she spent about 20 minutes hanging out and grabbing any morsels left on the ground.

Mating season is my guess as to why these elusive creatures are suddenly appearing all over the coon cams lately. This is a much better shot than the ass end view we had of the one going into the coon den at my place! Very casually spent some time nibbling and on his way again.

A beautiful animal...good size and great shape and aside from humans, the only thing that could and would easily take on a healthy coonie and come out on the winning end of the battle! Luckily there are LOTS of other easier prey options for them around here like squirrels and with the exception of kits in the spring, there are not too many clashes with the adult coonies. The coonden visit is a perfect example.

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