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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A visitor at the den.

Well Daisy's Den has become a bachelor pad this year. It's still all the boys coming and going in there. And occasionally an unexpected visitor! Of them all, this one was the only one brave enough to actually venture in there....

Dogs, coyote, fox, squirrels, rats....all have been around the den but would not dare to enter. But the fisher.....well that's another story....he went right in there! I wish I could say what happened after that....but nothing else on the camera. The den does have multiple entry/exit holes so I'm sure it went out one of them. Didn't seem to bother the boys as usual after the visit and no one looks like they were in a battle of any sort either. I'm guessing the fisher would prefer a helpless kit over a den full of boys with attitude anyway!!

Had to separate the overwinters. Boys in the big outside section and the girls on the other side. The girls are starting to go into heat and I would prefer to keep the numbers where they are instead of adding kits to the mix! The boys are NOT happy about it!

Buttoning down the hatches for another winter storm arriving tomorrow. Bummer....predicting a foot or more of snow dammit!

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