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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nor'easter damage.

A couple days ago we were hunkered down. While other states were being buried in snow, we were blasted with inches of torrential rain and strong winds. The aftermath was flooding, power outages and a lot of houses with trees on them. I'm happy to say I lucked out this time with only minor damage.
A couple trees uprooted and toppled, landing harmlessly in the woods.
A couple close calls where trees cracked and toppled, luckily heading away from the pens!! Whew..that was a close one!
Lost the roof of the small outdoor section of the raccoon pen. The pen is still intact, luckily it was just the top that my dad made so everyone is safe and secure inside. Hard to believe that whole thing had been nailed together and the plastic screwed on all the way around the frame then all nailed down and secured to the roof!
There were lots of smaller branches that landed all over all the pens, but nothing big enough to cause damage to them. Any tarps are pretty much useless now. On the up side....lots of new branches to put in the squirrel pen!

The tar paper roof didn't fare very well either...but again, not major. Luck was on our side this time!

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