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Sunday, February 21, 2010

An unfortunate soul.

Unfortunately it's not always happy raccoon stories.
While at work yesterday we got a call for a sick raccoon. One of our cops headed out there to check it out. He couldn't decide if it seemed sick or injured, so I took my lunch break and headed out there. Luckily I usually carry all the necessities for situations like this in my car!
He was definitely in rough shape....but still ok enough to snarl and warn me when I got too close for his liking! Definitely injured....I could smell the infection from 10 feet away and we were outside.....
I managed to corner him amidst lots of growling and threats....meanwhile behind me from the officer...."Uhhh.....should I have my gun out!?" LOL! I'm thinking....not while I'm between you and the raccoon!!! Given the option of a nice enclosed, safe and quiet carrier (similar to a den) or being out in the open and exposed to scary predators like us, he walked into the carrier on his own and I was able to close him in there without having to net, chase or otherwise stress him out anymore.
I met up with Laurie at her vet, and long story short...after getting enough tranquilizer to knock out an elephant he FINALLY went down after a couple hours maybe?? and we got enough of a look at the poor guy to decide to euthanize him. Looks like he was attacked by something....a while ago! He smelled like he died weeks ago. The infection was so bad, even if he had a chance it would have required IV antibiotics and that would have been impossible with this boy. At least he didn't have to suffer a slow death out there or a bullet to the head. He went quickly and quietly and is no longer suffering.

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  1. It's nice you were there to offer him that comfort. I know he must thank you.