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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy update to a crazy week!!

Wow...where to begin! Well Phillip and Michelle are out of quarantine and in with the younger coon pile of 7...making an even bigger pile of 9 now!
Thursday got a baby from the MSPCA. Mom was hit by a car and killed and only 1 of the 3 kits she had were caught. Hungry and covered in sticky burrs, Bramble joined the crew. Lost a little sleep thinking of the other 2 left out there, but at least one was safe!
My neighbor also called early that morning. A coon was trying to get into his dog pen and didn't seem right since the dog was still in there! It finally went about 100 feet up a tree nearby so all we could do was wait it out.
Friday afternoon as I'm heading home from work my neighbor calls me....the coonie is only about 8ft up in the tree now. I stop over and my heart looks like Tosser! Something is definitely wrong with him. I manage to easily capture him and don't notice any obvious wounds or injuries. So now I am mentally prepared to have Laurie euthanize him...I figure rabies or distemper. I'm a wreck. I settle him into a carrier then head out with Lisa to check on a baby coon found in a woman's back yard. Mom had been around the night before, as well as another baby.....but just this little guy is left there now. He's in great shape so we pop him some fluids and put him in the reuniting box to give mom a chance to fetch him one more night.......
Back to Tosser. Lisa and I bring him in to the animal hospital. After further checking, it looks like his whiskers are singed. I do live near some power now it's possible he may have been electrocuted to some extent somehow. It's a possibility and he's not in terrible shape....he's comfortable, eating and drinking and for now I'll just monitor him and hope he improves. It's either that or he will decline in health if rabies or distemper are at work. Either way, he's in good hands and I'll be able to help him one way or the other. My fingers are crossed!!!!!!!
Saturday brought a beautiful weekend. Momma coon came back for her kit...only an empty box left there! Also a few visitors to the front yard. My ground hog friend who I haven't seen yet finally made an appearance! And the snappers are out in full force filling my front lawn with eggs!!

Almost looks like an elephant from behind when the get up and walk!
A day trip for the baby geese.....

And a much needed new release pen for the squirrels has been added to the collection. The other 2 are already full of 18 squirrels and there are more to come over and go out! Thanks Vinny for getting it done so quick....great cage!!
Saturday also brought another call from the MSPCA.....another of Bramble's litter mates was found! She was not quite as happy as Bramble to be found! Thorny is a fitting name...growling and nipping she joined her sister.
The older boys ...Gerry and the crew....are officially weaned now and loving life in the small outdoor section of the pen! LL gave me a little scare getting sick for a couple days...but the parvo test was negative and it turned out to just be a tummy bug. A day of nothing to eat and only sub q fluids helped settle it down and he's pigging out with the rest of them now.

Sunday afternoon brought a happy ending for the last little kit lost when his mother was killed. Very skinny and dehydrated, he finally made his way here to join his sisters. Whew!! It was a very vocal reunion for them all and Thistle is doing great now. Even Thorny is starting to warm up a little....instead of cowering in the back of the cage and growling when I try to get her out for feeding time, she actually follows her siblings into my lap to get her bottle! Major progress. Eventually she'll stop growling and nipping at the hand that feeds her! LOL
22 baby coons...where the hell am I going to put them all!
And finally....the 6 squirrels I got a while back were relased and loving it!

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  1. I really wish I could tell you that you could give a few of those babies to me, LOL. If I had a "backyard" like yours maybe, but a tiny apartment in the middle of the city won't work. :(
    I'm rooting for Tosser, I really hope he doesn't have rabies or distemper.