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Friday, May 28, 2010

Mangy coons!

Got a call from the MSPCA yesterday. A fourth kit from Bramble's family was found! 7 days later!!!! After getting over my shock that it was even still alive, Andrea brought him here last night. The fact that he seemed alert and crying gave me hope... I know better, but I had hope anyway. If sheer will alone could have helped him I would have been all set but it was not to be. It was as if once he was safe and saw his siblings again he knew it was ok to let go and he began to fade. I have a little couch down in the basement where all the babies are and I wrapped him up nice and cozy and slept with him on my chest so he could hear a heartbeat and feel my breathing and know he was not alone as he quietly slipped away. God I really hate that part of the rehab!!
So on to happier things.......
The boys with attitude...doing awesome and they love feeding time at the food trough!! LOL
We get a lot of calls about raccoons that must be sick because they are out during they day and they look mangy and gross. This time of year coonies are always out during the day....especially mothers! It's safer to leave the den unprotected during the day to go out and find food to keep up with the demand nursing babies put on their bodies!! And all coonies look mangy and gross this time of year....some more so than others. They all blow their winter coats for the summer. Come fall they will have new beautiful full thick coats for winter again. (That's why coon hunting season :( is winter....that's when the coats are the best .)

As demonstrated by Witchy and River....some loose almost all their fur and look bald! Looks like an over sized rat here with no hair from the mid-section back!
Some just get little bald spots here and there where large clumps fall out. Either way...they look gross and mangy....but it's normal!

Hey! Who you callin' mangy!?...and stop taking pictures of our butts!!! LOL

The really hot days also bring more coonies out to lounge in the trees where it is cooler! Some not so bothered by a visit from mom....

...others a little less thrilled! The body language on this one says it all! Ears back and still as a statue and maybe she won't see me! LOL

I'm waiting to hear from JoAnn about a baby we tried to reunite with it's mother these past couple nights.....I'll keep ya posted on that new arrival if she didn't grab him!

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