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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A great big Thank You!

It's been very crazy here with 2 new baby coons....yup that's 19 all still on the bottle!...and 2 very adorable coyote pups! Wait till you see the pics of them...if I ever get a moment to download them! LOL They were in rough shape but are doing well now and heading to the vet today for an awful skin infection.
While I have a few brief moments though, I want to send a great big thank you out to Phillip & Michelle in GA for a very generous donation! Fellow raccoon lovers who have enjoyed the antics of their own gang of furrbutts over the years, and hopefully a future rehabilitator after retirement?.....Awesome! Once you're hooked on these silly critters, there's no going back!
Thanks again to Donna M. for her continued support and for always thinking about us!!! And of course John for all his help...donating his time, money and building expertise when needed. He was also very helpful heading over to the location the baby coyote pups were found to check out the situation and see if a den or mom could be located for me while I was at work. He being our local coyote expert, and me being stuck at work and unable to get over there right away....I felt a lot better having him insure their safety until I could get them!
I could go on forever thanking all who have helped....but time is VERY short...and you would be bored! LOL My number 1 supporter....Dad I could go on forever about....but I get to thank him in person every to all who have helped and all who care enough to rescue the animals in need.....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You have all helped make what we do possible!

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