North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New (very adorable) arrivals!

Here are the adorable new additions! A pair of coyote pups...a male and female. Both were found wandering and crying in a backyard that abuts the woods. The woman that found them and took them in had heard of people poisoning the coyotes last year, so it's possible the parents of these 2 met the same fate? John found no sign of a den or parents when he checked the area, so we can only speculate....but unfortunately it would not surprise me. At least these 2 are safe and sound now.
A check up at the vet and they are covered with dog lice and ticks, (yes I have the heebie jeebies and have been convinced I am covered with bugs since....I am scratching more than they are I think! LOL) and they have an awful case of seborrhea due to the parasite infestation, but are otherwise in good shape. A little frontline on them and the bugs are already clearing up and the skin should follow. If it doesn't clear up within a week or so we'll get them started on some antibiotics, but I can already notice a difference in the past 24 hours. Once they are up to par they will head out to the Pittsfield area where we have a rehabber that specializes in these cuties! I have already given her the heads up!

The rest of the gang is growing like weeds. The original group from the Animal Rescue named Gibbs, Magee, Dinozo, Ziva and Abby (names all you NCIS fans may recognize??) are cute as can be.....

The older boys...Gerry, Vin, Bruce, LL and The Rock have graduated to a huge crate and will start getting some time in the baby section of the outdoor pen soon. For now I just wheel their crate out into the yard in good weather so they can soak up some rays!

Kinky is out of quarantine now and her eyes have opened! In about a week the 4 boys from Salisbury....Tashmoo, Katama, Chappy and Squibby and the little Merry and Pip will also be out of quarantine and Kinky will be able to join them as they are all about the same age.

Two new monster coons have joined the crew shortly before the coyote pups. They came from an abrasive woman who found one under a tree, didn't listen to a word I said, wouldn't bring it to me right away and finally found another one under the same tree the next day after trying to reunite the first improperly. She brought them to the animal hospital at exactly the time we told her not to and when Laurie was not there to get any info. on location to try to reunite again. When I called her back she just went onto a tirade so I just had to hang up on her...I think she was drunk or something! At least the babies were safe out of her hands! Anyway Lau didn't think they looked that good so we ended up keeping them. They are younger than the NCIS gang but way bigger! Wow! The male was in pretty good shape but something was off with the female. It turns out I think she had a head trauma from falling out of the tree. She was lethargic, the left eye a little swollen and gunky and the nose seemed gunky, but on further cleaning it turned out to be dried blood clogging it. Once the blood was cleaned up more, she was able to breath a little better and eventually she started taking the bottle well....she just needed to take breaks in between because it was hard to breath and eat at the same time! Now her nose is cleared up completely and she can suck down the bottle in no time, the swelling is gone and she's active and healthy. Welcome Phillip and Michelle to the gang!


  1. With those NCIS names, I hope there won't be any whacking on the backs of heads to go along with them! ;-)

  2. LOL...some of them could use a little head whack now and again...little troublemakers!!