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Monday, April 4, 2011

Red fox kits rescued. prepared for the ultimate cuteness!

Laurie got a call from an alpaca farm in our area that found a litter of fox pups in the barn. They had seen the mom laying in the field one day. But 2 days later when she was still there, they knew something was wrong. On closer inspection she looked perfectly normal like she was just laying there, however when they turned her over she was torn apart. Poor thing had fallen victim to some type of predator....possibly a coyote or fisher?

It wasn't hard to find a litter of hungry, crying kits in the barn. A litter of 11! Yup.....11! Holy cow!! That is unusually large for a fox litter. (or any litter for that matter...hehehe).

So the kind woman brought them to Laurie at work and she and Lisa began the re hydration process....while we tried to figure out what the heck we were going to do with them all.

So I met up with them after work and we divided and conquered. I took 4, Lisa took 4 and Laurie took 3.

Now...prepare for the cuteness! Here is my gang in all their glory!

2 boys and 2 girls and I loved every moment with them....even the late night hours! They were quite vocal and full of personality....even at 2-3wks old. It's amazing how much quicker they mature than our domestic dogs! These guys were already wrestling, dominating each other and had even eaten some soaked puppy chow! One of the females had some serious attitude....she would attack the bottle, growl and shake the nipple into submission, making sure she had properly subdued the beast before finally deciding it was OK to actually drink the formula from it and fill her belly.

As soon as the bellies were full, into their "den" for some serious nap time.

Once again I contacted Dawn out in Western Mass. and she agreed to take the whole gang of them! She's a wonderful rehabber and specializes in coyote and fox. In fact she's the one that took my coyote pups last year.
And once again we lucked out with the transport all the way out there. Thanks again to Jim (and his very polite and accommodating sidekick Samantha!) who let them hitch a ride.

So Lisa collected the other 7 together and brought them over here to be reunited as one big happy litter of 11 again. Then I packed them up and off they went....sniff, sniff....

Oh it was so hard parting with them! But it's best for them so.....

One last pic before I adorable pile of 11 sleeping fox kits tucked away all snug and safe!

So thanks to a combined effort from a lot of people...these little guys are in good hands! Can't thank you enough Dawn!


  1. Oh my! They are soo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh my goodness they are cute. I would find it hard to part with them too! Once again, I am so thankful that there are people out there like you, Lisa, Laurie and Dawn that help these guys out and give them a chance in life.

  3. Oh my GAAAAAAAWWWWWD!!!!! Too much cuteness...going to explode!!!!!
    Haha, that second picture is priceless. Looks like that little one is cracking up about something.
    Thanks so much for saving these precious babies' lives!!