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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The crew is kinda famous!

I got an email the other day from The Bi-State Wildlife Hotline stating some of my pictures had been used on their website and is that OK?

So needless to say I checked out the link! All you people in Missouri & Illinois heads up....this is a great website to get all the help and information you need regarding your local wildlife! Of course I gave my long as the animals were being portrayed in a good light. Which of course they were since it is a rescue website as well. Whatever helps the animals, I'm all in!
As it turns out, some of the gang is famous! Gerry, Vin, Peanut, Raquel and Isles make up a lot of the raccoon page (2nd-5th pic) as well as Trooper as the thumb nail icon.(God I love that picture of Peanut eating the animal crackers!!)
While I was on there I decided to poke around a little and as it turns out, the coonies were not the only ones that showed up there! A lot of our gang is famous, and you can see them on the coyote, groundhog, squirrel and possie pages!  So I'm quite flattered a fellow rescue likes my pictures enough to use them for their website! Maybe I'm in the wrong profession.......nahhhhhhhh! LOL
Go check out their looks great and it's full of awesome info on wildlife no matter where you are from!

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