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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Slow progress on some renovations!

Lets just say it started in October and it's getting there slowly but surely! Mostly because it's just been me and my dad doing it all! Such measures are required when one is counting every penny!
The two rooms off the kitchen (the "dining" room and my "office") are being transformed into rooms more compatible to a multi animal household. The off white carpet (that at one point was wall to wall throughout the whole house....who in their right mind!?!...) is slowly getting eradicated! Yayyyyy!

Room one....originally a dining room,(although never used for such a purpose!), gets a new floor with dad's help after I happily ripped up the crappy carpet!
It looks awesome, it's easy to clean and it's Pit bull approved too I might add!
It is now my office/dog room. Not that the dogs don't have the run of the house when I'm there, but a couple trouble makers need to be crated when I'm gone! Like Bernard who decides to chew and eat his blankets....narrowly missing an obstruction surgery, and Boo the counter surfer, because no matter how hard I try, I never remember to push anything edible out of his reach before I leave! With a new puppy in the's a busy room sometimes! LOL
On to the next room.....slated to be the cat room! Ripped up the gross rugs....and that was about as far as we got before I got sick that time in the beginning of November when I was in bed for a week! I had furniture, boxes, new flooring and just crap everywhere! On top of not being able to get out of bed for a week and do any general looked like a hoarders paradise! I was totally horrified when Brian from the Animal Rescue League brought Boston over the night he caught him......and OMG! had to use my bathroom and witness the hideous nightmare! Forget about the fact that I looked something like a cross between Medusa and Sasquatch! That bothered ME far less than the condition of my home, however probably had him wondering why he wandered into the dark woods without backup! Anyway I'm pretty sure Boston is quite happy things worked out the way they did! See Brian....I'm not really a crazy lady in the woods, living in squalor, that doesn't interact with people......(or make the ones that visit mysteriously disappear! LOL)!
So feeling better, onward I go. Got the floor cleaned up....and we still have not managed to get the new flooring down (the same as in the dog room) but it's all neatened up in there.
Doors have been added......
.....and the fun things cats love are in well as 3 of the 5 cats who, despite something like a hundred litter boxes all over the house, insisted in peeing all over. Yesssss.....instead of getting rid of some of my kids, I built a cat room for them instead! So maybe I am the crazy cat lady after all......but I don't care, once you adopt them they are not just disposable if things don't work out perfectly!!! Problem solved anyway.....not a single mess outside the boxes since they've been in there!

Thanks to a wonderful co-worker of mine, there is also an outdoor section for them as well! Thank you Ted!!!! He built it off one of the windows (you can see the frame of it outside the window behind Lucy, the grey and white kitty) so all I have to do is open the window and they can go in and out all they want. I'll get pics of that on here eventually! For now it is closed. It's winter and they have been indoor cats all their lives. Come spring the window can open and they can get used to it! I still have to decorate it out there too. Gotta find stuff to put out there that can handle the elements......any suggestions welcome!!
So, it's far from finished but it's getting there!


  1. YOur feline freinds can't help but be estactic with all the cool towers for them to climb and nestle in! LOL that the dog approved the floor...looks like my lower level which is why we put down wood too...:)JP

  2. OMG it's sooooo much easier to clean than rugs too! Uggghhhh! Rugs have no place in a house with 4 dogs and 5 cats! LOL