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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The girls show themselves.....sort of!

I know it's been a while since we've seen or heard anything from the gang out here! Some of it has to do with a little nervousness and mistrust after watching the boys get hauled away. Chicken and Laurie's girl were very nervous to begin with, but now just avoid me all together.
 A lot more has to do with the fact that they are acting like raccoons should act in the winter....lazy couch potatoes, unmotivated by nice weather, a visit from Mom, or even food! I know, I know.... you're all shocked to think these voracious little chow hounds won't even stir for food!
Unless of course I bring in some tasty sweets they haven't had in a while! Then I can't get them to leave me alone! So I tricked them into an impromptu photo session.

Pebbles (top) and Porcelain (off to right) generally ending up coming out to say hi to me regardless...but add the sweets and Isles has no problem darting out of the den box to get her share!
Once Isles' fat ass is out of the way, Rizzoli decides to see what is up, with a little coaxing from Pebbles from above! Chicken, Springer and Laurie's girl are still tucked way back in there somewhere....
....and they are not planning on coming out anytime soon apparently! LOL Yup...there are 4 squished back in there!
But Rizzoli is in there and reassures all that I'm not coming in to haul anyone off. That's good enough for Springer who makes here way to the front of the box with her to get some treats.
My beautiful girl Porcelain! She was not shy at all and once she made it to the floor, I had her hanging out of my jacket pockets while I tried to move around in there....she knows where Momma keeps the good stuff and goes right to the source!
 Isles and Rizzoli waiting for more!
Pebbles finally ended up planting herself in the den box entrance. Although Chicken and Laurie's girl wouldn't come out with the rest, they felt secure enough with Pebbles "guarding" the entrance to poke noses and hands around her....where treats "magically" managed to end up in their mouths and hands!...... and they were able to bring them back into the depths of the box to enjoy......pleased that yes, they were the ultimate Ninja coons!!!....and they were sooooo sneaky they were able to grab them without ever being seen! LOL-silly girls!
 Alas....the treats finally ran out....and one parting shot of Rizzoli's opinion on that circumstance and I was outta there!
The boys are being equally as evasive. But they are such good boys and are taking great care of Boston, having accepted him as one of their own! Despite having 3 den boxes down there I usually find all 6 of them smooshed into 1. Boy is it toasty in there when I put my hand in to feel it! Makes me want to crawl right in there with them.


  1. It just amazes me how you can clearly identify each me goosebumps when I read your descriptions...:)JP

  2. OOOOOooooohhhhh!!!!!!! CUTENESS overload!!

  3. It's so funny....I guess it's like mom's with identical twins....I can just tell them apart...they look totally different to me! LOL Although sometimes there are a pair or so that even confuse me they are so much alike. (Stinky and Nosey were like that!)