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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A welcome midnight visit.

I was out in the woods last night after work and noticed a few sets of eyes scattered around. One pair was in a tree near the main pens. So I went out with a little food for the feeders and when I tried to coax whoever was near the pens down, it wasn't happening. I then proceeded to head to the feeders and put some food in. It wasn't very long after the sound of dry kibble, bouncing off the metal feeder reverberating though the woods, brought my friend in the tree crashing through the underbrush towards me! It's a good thing I'm comfortable with what wildlife is out there or I probably would have wet my pants and gone screaming through the woods upon hearing such a noise out in the dark! LOL

It turned out to be River and we had a lovely little visit. No one was with her at the time, but when I made my way to the main feeding station downtown, her daughter Amazon was there waiting on me. They are in great shape and were beautiful, as always, and it was so great to see them. The rest of the glowing eyes in various trees out there chose to stay put in their lofty perches. No one else was going to come visit me in person this night. Sigh. I would have loved a visit from Gibby.

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