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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Outside fun for Sweetie's group!

These pictures show just how much fun Sweetie's group had outside much better than any words could! Trees to climb, food, hammocks to play in, food, a big spacious den box, food, and a pool! Oh and did I mention food! LOL Lots of fun finding food tucked in everywhere. The pool was awesome...until Sweetie decided to poop in it that is! There is always one that has to ruin it for them all!

Munchkin may be little, but don't let his size fool ya! He can hang with the biggest of them!

Meeko was a little shy at first but eventually joined in the fun.

Bagel gets an earful from Meeko when she finally decides to come down and join the fun.
Newton chooses a snack.

Munchkin's sister, Muffin, here on the left. She's a little bigger and darker than he is.

Annie, who is actually the youngest of the group, no longer looking like a baby. She's loving the group and eats just about everything! She's fond of the pears though....
The biggest  with the smallest! Sweetie is huge compared to little Munchkin who is on the small side for his age. But he's so darn cute everyone loves him in there. He gets away with everything!
Right about now is when the pool had to be closed for cleaning! LOL Luckily everyone had some fun in it and got a drink before the shameful event!
This weekends project....getting the gang set up out there permanently!

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