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Friday, June 21, 2013

Stinkers and a turkey!

Well the 5 little stinkers brought in by the ARL are growing like weeds! They don't particularly appreciate my presence, so most of what I get is a perfect view of the business end! (But even that end is cute at this age!)

They wouldn't sit still for anything but I was determined to get a good this cute or what!? Look at those stumpy little legs and plump belly! Like a smelly version of the Pillsbury Dough Boy! LOL! Of course I paid for that.....they may be little but they can put up quite a stink when they want! Made my eyes water for sure. They'll be moving outside as soon as I can raccoon proof the pen so the local coons don't break them out like they did with last years group!
My friend TeeGee is back this year and has made herself quite comfortable around here. She comes by first thing in the morning for breakfast and to hang out. Then back again before dusk when she pokes around, has a meal, then roosts on the fence until it's time to take to the tall trees for the evening. I can set my clock by her. I quite enjoy her company and she seems to enjoy mine, occasionally following me into the woods and watching while I deal with the pens out there. 
She has also occasionally scared the crap out of me by sneaking up on me before I realize she's around! Imagine backing out of a pen and turning to see her standing right there watching you! Jeez, you have to peel me off the highest branches of the trees when she does that!

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