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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Romeo & Juliette's group.

It took me a while, but I finally have an update in pictures!
OK....upstairs we have Romeo and Juliette's group! They are Romeo, Juliette, Sampson, Delilah, Bonnie, Clyde, Bear, Picasso, Rikki, Tikki, Tavi, & the 6 Brockton babies. Bitty & Digger were up here, but Lisa took them to give them a little more TLC than I had time for. She can squeeze in more feedings for them as they are not eating solids yet and small enough to have to eat more frequently. No worries though! They'll be back once they are bigger!

The Brockton babies wasted no time digging into puppy chow and pretty much anything else I put down in bowls!

The smallest of the gang are Rikki, Tikki and Tavi and small as they are, they too are tasting puppy chow..... and grapes, bananas, apples and pears! They still need bottles, but at least they are starting to get the hang of solids so it shouldn't be long before they start weaning.

The water bowl, aka pool, is always quite popular!
The free for all at feeding time. Bowls before bottles.

Then those that prefer the bottle come begging! The Rowley 4 are usually the first and most insistent!

Then it's playtime!
 Hey....false advertising!!! Where's the snuggles!!
Romeo anticipates a leap onto mom!
One of the Brockton babies chilling out.
Picasso with that unique mask of his!
 The carriers were put up there to keep them off of the top. I'd say that was an epic fail!!
I know when to admit defeat so I just threw a comfy blanket up there for them instead! If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em! Bear says thanks Mom!
Then it was just a free for all up there!

Stay tuned for the other group, downstairs.......

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