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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sweeties group

And here we have Sweetie's group! Sweetie, Killer, J'adore, the 4 Reading brothers, Bagel, Munchkin, Muffin & Lox all from the ARL, Newton, Annie and just added today, a little girl named Meeko. She was not too thrilled about me, but once confronted with a swarm of other raccoons, suddenly I wasn't looking so bad! She was my buddy all of a sudden, climbing into my arms to find a safe place. Once she settles in I'll get some pictures of her too!

In the meantime, the gang is doing great. Most of them are starting to eat some puppy chow to some extent and growing like weeds.
Newton..... next to Sweetie, he's the biggest boy!

Munchkin here is the smallest little boy in there, but he's got the attitude of a big boy! He has no problem holding his own with everyone and eats puppy chow better than most of the bigger ones! He is also just as cute as can be of course....

The chow down after the bottles.

There's little Munchkin in the middle there sucking down his puppy chow.
J'adore going strong

Once the food is inhaled, it's playtime!

Little Annie fits right in with the pack now. She's getting huge too!
Killer being his silly self along with his brother J'adore.

Sweetie...queen of the group!
Bagel and Munchkin.

Meeko did not take long to fit in either! First she showed how good she is at eating out of a bowl instead of a bottle!
Then she went from wanting to kill me to being my best buddy when confronted with a room full of rambunctious raccoons she doesn't know. Suddenly riding up on my shoulder was not such a bad idea after all!
And even better, riding up there as she headed out to the outdoor pen to play with the gang outside for a change!
Stay tuned for the pictures of all that fun!
She has settled in well with the gang now and enjoys playing with instead of barking at them!

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  1. What a wonderful set of progress for all of them!...:)JP