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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jingles, Dandy & all the raccoons....

Jingles is doing great....and pissed off as usual when I check him out and give him some fluids!

The uptown gang are all great and cute as ever....

The 2 boys wrestle with my hand...Charger and Outlaw

All 3 of the younger kids....Button far left, and the 2 boys.

Cute as a Button!

The older boys get their problem getting them to come out for chicken wings!

....well...some of them come out for them, and some just settle for breakfast in bed. LOL

My girl Dandy gives us our best look yet at how well she has done since her surgery. She still has that permanent smile....but oh how beautiful it is to see!

So far no signs of any neurologic coons at the feeding station, and of the residents of the den site, is one of the regular visitors showing up at the feeding station and looking great.
Right now I'm just keeping my eye on things and hoping for the best. I'll try alternating the coon cam between the den site and the feeding station to get a look at as many as I can, checking for neurologic signs......

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