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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The saga continues....

I'm out yesterday afternoon doing the rounds and once again, I find a coonie sleeping in a tree. Don't ask me how I happen to notice these guys!! Here's a little perspective for you....I'm out looking around in the treetops....from a distance I notice a blob that looks like fur....yes a tiny dot at the end of the arrow!
Zooming in a little closer with the camera.....again at the end of the arrow....This is pretty much what it looked like to my naked eye standing across the way from the tree. (How the hell did I notice that??)

And finally zoomed in on it with the camera......

What in the world is it that makes me happen to look up in the right tree (among TONS in the woods) at the right time and actually think....hmmmmmm, that looks like a coonie, let me get my binoculars!!??
Well I did, and I am happy to say that while watching with the binoculars, it did move around...did the little doggie turn in circles to get comfy and settled in again. I did not notice any visible or horrible wounds and it was moving sign of the shakes or neurologic issues.
The tree is right on one of the major "highways" of travel to one of the feeders. So I set up the coon cam hoping to get a look if it came down. There were only about 5 short clips showing coonie's, and none showed neurologic signs. All appeared to be acting/moving/looking normal as they headed to the feeder. I cannot be sure one was this new tree coon, but it gives me hope! Also, when I checked the tree sign of it up there! So far, this tree tale has ended better than the first one!
The coon cam is set up at the den site tonight to try to get an idea how everyone is doing over there. Fingers crossed!!

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