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Friday, February 27, 2009

Tree raccoon returns!

Well it's back! I went out this afternoon and checked the tree and here we go again...... It is very balmy out...over 60 so I'm not too worried. And now that I think about it, the weather was mild the last time also. It's very possible this coonie is just enjoying it's naps outside in the nice weather. The tree is definitely huge enough to house a coonie inside it...could be a big enough knot hole entrance anywhere up there!
I walked by the den site also....looks like turtle was on the menu last night! Found this shell at the waters edge by the den. You can tell it's a little gnawed on there....and empty inside! Probably started as dinner then became a toy afterwards.

Lots of video of the gang at the main coondo feeding station....all normal! Dandy and Daisy looking great..... I think Popeye and Sarge were in the mix too!

Every one's got spring fever with this nice weather and love in the air. The older downtown boys were in rare form! Quinny was a wrestle maniac! I've got lots of bruises on my arm from the monkey bites he kept giving me.....through 2 fleeces even! I'll get those pics posted as soon as I go through them and narrow the over 200 pics down to the cutest few!
Roxy is in heat uptown so I had to break up the gang. She and the young kids are in one section and the 2 older males are on the other need to add to the menagerie! I want everyone ready to get the boot this spring to make room for the new babies!

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