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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Meltdown!

In case you ever wondered....coonies love to squish in as many bodies into one little space as possible! Like those clown cars at the circus! The 6 big boys are almost too big for one den box...that's why they have several in their pen, so there is room for everyone. And sometimes they do split up.......
.......and other times I come down and find body parts hanging out the hole because they all have to squish into one!! It's very silly to see...and even sillier when they all realize I am there, but no one can get out until the one squished into the entrance moves out of the way!!
Tosser just happened to be the one in the entrance this time.....and he took his time waking up, grooming himself, just hanging out in the entrance.......

.....while everyone else tried to squeeze out and come say Hi! It was hilarious to watch!!!!

Finally Tosser unplugs the hole! Oh, hey there mom! Was I in the way??

The weather is between 40-50 degrees here now! It's almost balmy! LOL. So the whole gang wanted to come out and say hi and grab a few treats from me.....they've been holed up in there for about 3 days without coming out! So they were all out and playful and having fun with the break in the weather!

Even Mo ventured out....will wonders never cease! You know it's gotta be nice out if he ventures out of the dark recesses of the den box!

Thanks mom!! Those were yummy!

The little kids in the main pen were also enjoying the warm weather....thoroughly enjoying running around and playing outside! Just being plain old silly!

Today is even warmer, but I'm noticing it had gotten very windy out here...we'll see how they feel about coming out in that!

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  1. What is it about raccoons that makes almost every photo so amusing? Thanks for doing rehab and posting them. I used to help someone who rehabbed and raised orphans, and raccoons were always my favorites. Have some great photos of them hanging from my fingers.