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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What curiosity did to the coon.

If you don't already know, coonies are very bright and curious creatures. They love to have fun and check new things out. Unfortunately for this little guy, it got him into a lot of trouble!
Meet Bottle Boy! He managed to get his leg stuck in a broken 2liter bottle. This young male of about 7 months old was trapped in the beginning of November after his predicament was reported to some fellow rehabbers and friends.
Here most of the bottle has already been cut away. It must have been cracked or broken because he stuck his arm up through the bottom and out the top of it.

Here the neck of the bottle is finally cut away from the leg.

As you can see, the damage is had been on there for some time. I believe the person who saw him had been seeing him like this for about a month, coming around the feral cat feeding station she was caring for.

Through the incredible efforts (and patience-he is wild and not very handle -able) of his caregivers, the wound begins to heal!

A couple days before Christmas and it looks even better. He still isn't walking on it normally, he knuckles over and walks on the top part of his paw. But he is using it -picking up food and objects with the paw. It is hoped with time and exercise, the paw will regain it's full use.

February 2nd. Can you believe this is the same raccoon! What an amazing job with him! The skin is very fragile still....but it looks like a coonie arm again.

As you can see he is still walking on the top of his hand.

Because he can not be handled easily it is not possible to give him "hands on" physical therapy. However he is very interested in a fellow raccoon being rehabbed next door to him. An initial introduction and the 2 were thrilled with each other! However due to the fragile condition of his wound, they cannot be left together just yet....their rough play at this time rips the delicate skin and makes it bleed. But once that skin is strong....that rough play will be just the "hands off" physical therapy he needs to strengthen the nerves and paw, getting him to use it more until he is using it normally once again.

Sadly, yet another example of what our trash does to the environment. This poor guy was one of the lucky ones. At least he was found before suffering a slow, painful death.

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