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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well hello there!

So I decide I'll set up the coon cam at the den site again. (I'm always torn between the feeding station or the den site now!) It was a last minute decision before going to work (it was 1pm), and I brought my regular camera with me so I could get some pics of the older boys while I was out there. Thank god!
Imagine my surprise as I'm fiddling around with the coon cam, attaching it to the tree and aiming it....I turn around and I've got an audience! I see this head poking out of the entrance watching intently.
I usually talk a little when I approach the den so as not to surprise or panic anyone, so obviously someone was awake and wanted to say hi!

So I start chatting away and my little friend comes out further and gets comfortable while watching me. I'm really not sure who it is, but definitely someone familiar with me!! The more I talked to him/her(didn't get a look underneath to know) , the more comfortable he/she got and just kind of chilled out with me.

Then, curiosity satisfied, and probably disappointed by the lack of treats presented (had I known I was going to run into someone I would have brought some!), back inside the den to bed!!
Not one of the "usual's" that visit regularly like Ringer or Red, but could very well be someone from a while back that I have not seen in Nel Mezzo or Whitey....that still remembers Mom! It could even be one of the grand kids! Some of Ringer's and Brownie's kits got used to me by following mom, they would even let me give them an occasional chin scratch sometimes. Their appearances really can change so much through the seasons I just can't be sure...but it makes me all warm and fuzzy to know they still trust me!

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