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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Raccoons gone wild again!

With temps. in the low 60's again, the older boys are feeling their oats a little and were in especially playful moods! Once they were able to squeeze by the usual raccoon blocking the entrance that is!!! This time Rollo was holding up the group.

Stinky has a treat.

Quinny was especially rambunctious this afternoon & it all started with him getting a hold of my camera strap and wrestling me for it!

Then jumping on his brother's back when he looses the battle with me.

Toto is still using his...well ahhhh....his built in pacifier shall we say!

The 3 stooges Nosey, Rollo & Mo

The twins Nosey & Stinkey wrestle for my attention.

Using mom as a tree to play on.....

Ahhhh...Quinny looks so calm and gentle in my arms here! But don't be fooled!! Only seconds before.....

....he literally climbed up my body......

....after leaping over and sticking to me like velcro!!

Stinkey plays tug of war with my sleeve.
Toto is just calm as can be.

Nosey finally gets his chance in mom's arms and is not about to let Quinny spoil it!

Rollo looks so calm & peaceful...but nooooo....see that ball of fur further in? That's Toto sitting on him...they were wrestling around like maniacs in there!
Toto gets a snack and Quinny wants to see what he's got there!

Right now Toto is thinking ...."Just don't fart!!"

Mo grabs his treat.

And a final "See Ya!" from Nosey and the crazy gang!

A check of the tree today reveals that our tree coon #2 is still up there so I'm still keeping an eye on that situation as well.

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