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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Injury updates..

I think one injured coon is getting better out there. This is the one that has not been using it's front leg much, but as you can see here, it's getting used a little more now. After looking through older video I hadn't had a chance to go through yet, I discovered the injury may be as old as March 16th! But the raccoon is doing great despite it and now appears to be on the mend. If given the chance, I will still try to get a look and examine it...but I'm not as concerned about it now as I was before.

While going through last night's video I think I saw another raccoon favoring a rear leg, but it was brief and only on one clip so I cannot be positive and will now be keeping an eye out for that one! It never ends!

These pesky guys are the reason I switched to these feeders! They will go through a whole bucket in no time when they flock in!! I used to use buckets with holes in them, then started covering the holes with flap which lasted well until the squirrels chew the hole bigger and the flap doesn't cover the hole anymore. As you can see, they can open this flap....but without legs they can't grab the food while holding the flap open! Ha!! The little bastard knows it's in there and how to get at it, it just can't because it doesn't have enough legs!

Now that I have been watching their efforts on video I can see that they pretty much just play cleanup....grabbing whatever the raccoons and squirrels drop outside the feeder.

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