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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Porky surprise!

Ok....a wonderful and adorable story to enjoy from some fellow rehabber friends of mine! You can check them out here!
Lots of great pics of all kinds of animals they have helped!
In the meantime, here is a good dose of cute!
Hello everyone, first a little back ground. Back around the middle of December of 2008 a severe ice storm came through our area. During the storm a large number of trees came down on the property of a Horseback riding/training company in Lincoln MA. During the clean up a porcupine was found in the fallen trees with frost bite on its paws and a respiratory infection. This animal was brought to us just after Christmas. He was named, "Porky". Well, after some meds, some R and R and a lot of veggies and a comfortable winter indoor stay he is ready for release now that spring is here. Well, over the last couple weeks his mood has changed, has not had a hearty an appetite and has been spending a lot more time lying quietly. He also seemed to have developed an affinity for fluff filled quilts.
SO, imagine our surprise when we discovered that about 8:30 PM EST, Porky (the supposed male porcupine) had a baby. We heard Porky making some odd sounds and when we looked in on him , (HER) we found her little one. Baby's eyes are open and the little tyke is walking around. We are blown away. Blown away! It is just so friggen cool! Attached are the pictures of the latest addition to our wildlife rehab. I hope you all find them interesting. According to some rehabilitators who have had more experience caring for porcupines are saying that we will likely have to hold onto Porky and her baby for a fair amount of time since Porky does not have a nest (in the wild) although she certainly will get anything she wants from us to fill her needs for a nest!Enjoy!

Hello everyone, Here it is 24 hours later. We have been giving "Porky" plenty of piece and quiet (some "space" if you will) throughout the day. We have only been intruding on her privacy just long enough to change out the soiled bedding, refresh her water and resupply her food bowl. Around 10:30PM we check our animals one last time for the night (water, litter boxes and so on). While we were down there we heard some curious claws on the artificial tree we have in the cage for Porky to climb to the upper platform (which we cover with Hemlock branches). We looked in and what do you know? Porky's baby, a little over 24 hours old, is already learning to climb a tree! Of course I had to grab the digital camera. Below are some photo's of baby climbing the artificial tree.
Isn't nature a curious and wonderful thing! A very rare opportunity to see life renewed. Robbin, Joan, Dee and I are just amazed by these events over the last day.


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