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Friday, April 3, 2009

Meeko and Bear!!

Popped over Mary's Wednesday night....and yes, despite the pouring rain I had to walk out back and look for the kids! I found one raccoon up on a den box, huffing away at the very strange creature that was also down by the feeding station.....a small cat.
I was very happy to discover it was Meeko in such a dilemma.....she wanted to come down and see me, but oooooooooooooo, that scary creature was also down there saying Hi to MY mother! What do I do!! Mind you, the cat was no bigger than she was (if not even smaller).
Eventually Meeko got brave (since mom was there to protect her, after all) and came down to play. And she was very playful! She even tried to play with the cat....she was wary but wanted to play oh so bad! If the cat ignored her, she would go right up to and sniff it over, but as soon as it turned toward her, she puffed up, did the backward shuffle and bounced around, going up a tree to shoulder level where she could half hold the tree, half sit on my shoulder while watching this new possible playmate intently. Then as soon as it would turn it's butt towards the tree, down she went to try to check it out again! Very amusing to watch and what a silly girl! For the most part, the cat couldn't be bothered and was in no way concerned about her, that's for sure!
I did have my cell phone on me and one very bright flashlight so I managed to get some pics of her enjoying a marshmallow treat! (While the cat weaved in and out of my legs right below her!)

I think she is pregnant...the base of her nipples are just starting to get pretty big! We shall see!

Mary was out there last night and ran into Bear. The gang is starting to stir and hopefully with better weather we will see more of the gang come in for a visit! I would love to see my Buster boy again!

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