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Monday, April 13, 2009

Late night visit.

I worked late Saturday night so I had the opportunity to head out back to look for the injured raccoon at 2am with no luck. I think it is Lexi so I know if I find her I should at least be able to get a look at it and check her out. Regardless, she is doing well despite hopping around on 3 legs and she does use it at times. She has to use it to climb up onto the feeding platform.
My late night visit was not a futile one though. Red came down to say Hi. It was a beautiful full moon and I didn't even need a flashlight! While visiting with Red I noticed some movement on the water. I figured someone was swimming over to visit, but when I got a closer look I noticed it was Hissy.
What a silly goose! (literally). He must have heard me calling the gang and over he came to say Hi (and get a little snack of course!). He comes in every day since he returned when I head out there. When he doesn't see me coming and he's not waiting for me there, a few calls out over the water and he shows up. It's kind of funny watching all the ducks racing away from me while this big goose heads straight for me. He's usually with the Mrs. but lately she hasn't been with him so I'm guessing there may be some little Hissy's soon to come! Then, thanks to our little friendship, I'll get to see all those cute little yellow babies close up when they come in to visit and watch them grow.

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