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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mohawks, hairclips & hammocks.

With the exception of Mohican, all the older boys are sporting mohawks. Which is kind of funny because the whole reason Mohican was named Mo was due to the mohawk he had when he came in as a baby.....long fur sticking straight up along his back. Oh the irony!
The rest of the gang have nappy, hairless butts on both sides while still holding on to a streak of fur up the spine! It ain't pretty!! LOL
A sneak attack from above as Tosser manages to sneak onto my head and proceed to chomp on my hair clip......he enjoyed it thoroughly and luckily I have more! It didn't stand a chance!

Winter took it's toll on the hammocks out there. With the nice weather I finally replaced one of them! You would think I brought them to Disney World! The antics started immediately on top of the hammock.....

...and one by one they learned about getting inside the hammock, wrestling between the layers...... (They are burlap bags.)

....until they all ended up inside!

Anyone not already in there was ambushed when they walked by!! Look at the grip one of the twins has on poor Rollo! Ouch!

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