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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two new additions.

These 2 new cuties are hopefully temporary! Mom made a nest in the eaves of a 4 story home and the person that went up to check it out grabbed these two before mom could. She managed to grab the rest and move further back out of reach. Now we are just waiting for the Animal Rescue League to get over there and check out the situation. They will either try to catch mom and remaining kits so I can take them, reunite them with these 2, and put them all safely in Mary's release cage so mom can do all the work while we keep an eye on them- or boot mom out, get the babies and we will try reuniting outside the house. Worst case scenario....I end up with all the babies if we don't catch her and she doesn't come back for them all.
These guys are about a week old, a little girl that weighed in at 130grams.....
...and a little boy weighing in at 101grams.

It's a pretty good size difference at this age! He's just a little peanut next to her! (and I guess I now have a name for him if I end up keeping them!LOL)

The first boy that came in last week is doing awesome. Eating normal and solid, normal poops finally! I'm calling him Razz since he's always got the tip of his tongue sticking out....looks like he's giving me razzberries all the time!

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