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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The squirrels are free!

Yesterday was a beautiful day with a few more predicted, so it was time to release the 4 gray squirrels finally!! It was like I brought them to Disney World, running around and playing like maniacs in the trees. Great fun to watch!
One of them at a feeder on top of the cage.
Mojo took a minute to slow down and say thanks!

.....and give a couple poses for the camera!

Laurie has her hands full! She went from 2 baby grays to 6 reds and another older gray all in one day! Here is one of the groups of reds......they area adorable!!!

The damn coondo camera hasn't been working right. It's taking still pics but the video won't play. It's possibly a problem with the sd card so I am hoping getting a new one will solve the problem. It's hard to assess injuries with still shots!
This is Lexi, the girl I think is the injured one that has not been using her front leg. She is using it somewhat still and is even starting to look like an expecting mother again. It's obviously not slowing her down too much! It's been about a month and she's still visiting regularly and getting around fine....and enjoying her food!

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