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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All the little maniacs!

The gang is thoroughly enjoying the warm, DRY, sunny weather! Poor Phoenix appears to have developed an abscess on her face. Not surprising with some of the squabbles going on in there. That's why I'm trying to get the release pen done and get them out there!
Poor girl....she's starting to look like a bull terrier with the swelling. It's not fazing her much at all though, just as rambunctious as the rest of them!

This is what most of the boys are dealing with! A bitchy female, ears back, barking in their ear anytime they try to do anything. It's the perfect cliche....I can hear you guys now..."Typical female".....LOL! Well sometimes the boys deserve it too!

But for the most part....girls just wanna have fun! And raccoons certainly know how to have fun....they are definitely one of the biggest clowns in the animal kingdom!

Cinnamon's funky mask marking has returned to her brother Peanut has it going on. Must run in the family.

I finally had to make the decision to euthanize the unexpected visitor that took up residence in the pen after releasing the possies. I finally concluded she was ill, however I seesawed between it being distemper or rabies. She was starting to self mutilate-chewing at one of the wounds on her foot, and though her eyes were clear, her nose was a little gunky. She was also showing some neurologic signs. I'm leaning toward rabies, but could also be distemper. So once she was sedated I drew up some blood and had it sent in for a distemper test. It was the easier and least expensive option....and with no exposure risk the rabies testing was not required. This will basically just help me decide how much of a "hazmat site" the pen is so I can disinfect it appropriately. Hopefully the test results will be back today.

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