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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is Mrs. Coyote is gonna be a mom??

One of my occasional's not often she gets this close. I usually just get shots of her passing through. By the time she goes by the coonies have cleared it out and even if they hadn't she is usually way to shy to venture close to those weird boxes! But something interested her here...enough to bring her in close and get a pretty good look. I say "her" because the mid-section appears a little full maybe!?? Like the family may growing in size soon? Again I'm not positive...but most of the pics I end up with give me views that show she is missing a certain something that would make her a he if ya get my drift! And with this last batch with her coming in close...she's looking bigger in the belly . By the time she showed up the batteries were of course starting to die in the camera. I did get some video, but not the best quality....but it still makes me think it is in fact a "she" and she is going to possibly be a mom!

Time will tell.

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