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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Possies, coons and cages.

Saturday was a busy day! Got out of work early and met Laurie,Lisa and Patrick and together we loaded up one of Woburn's release pens and brought it to the Framingham release site to add it on to the cage there for this spring release. We had to make the pen bigger as this group is a little older thus the girls a little bitchier. It would have been too small to put them all in there together without them chewing each other up. The poor boys need room to escape!
The possies were released last night as well! They were so ready to go.....had been starting to dig trying to get out lately. It was a beautiful night and they wasted no time. It was too dark for pics unfortunately...but it was great to see them enjoying their new freedom!
A little later after going to bed I heard a commotion at the uptown pen. I proceeded out in my PJ's and slippers to find a coonie visitor. It was a female I think....and I don't really recognize her. Looks like Mohican's and Buddy's markings with that pronounced eyebrow though....I didn't have any females that looked like them. All chattery and trying to get in and play with the gang. I was trying to determine if anything was wrong with it. Definitely a swollen rear foot with a wound and some minor wounds on the other....but using them fine and normally. I'm on the fence as to illness like rabies or was a little too unconcerned by my presence if it's not one of the "regulars"....but it went off into the woods before I could attempt to get it into a crate.
But of course it's me we're talking about here! I head out in the morning to see if all the possie girls are gone. I open their den box and ..................

Yup....our little visitor had made itself comfortable! So now that the pen is a "hazmat" zone since it went in there....I can keep an eye on it while keeping it from spreading anything out in my woods if it does have something. be continued!

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