North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The past week!

Wow...where do I begin? It's been crazy! The 2 younger squirrels have moved to another rehabber and the six big piggies are still here doing great!

Thursday night a call from the Animal Rescue League....a mother raccoon was trapped and killed (SIGH!) and they were attempting to rescue her starving babies discovered up in their tree den. Luckily they managed to get them....all 6 of them!!

3 boys and 3 girls are all snug in their new home and doing great.

They are 3 weeks old-eyes just opening when I got them....and as you can see have made themselves quite comfortable!

Friday morning....Lisa and I head to a house to try to rescue a baby in a chimney. The man had heard the racket start up Sunday then proceeded to start spraying ammonia up there and harassing the heck out of them to get them to leave. By morning he said he thought they left but one was left there. Well it was left there because he trapped it under the flue flap with all the opening and closing! When Lisa and I looked in there we thought it was already dead, the heavy metal door pinning her body. Then she moved! Lisa pushed the door up and I pulled her out....a frozen little body! Unfortunately she didn't make it. Less than a week old poor little girl. Once she warmed up I think she began to hemorrhage internally after being crushed by the flue. She went quietly at least...and once again, unnecessarily!

On my way back with that little girl, I swung by Lauries to pick up the litter of 5 that was brought to her after a good Samaritan found them left in a box at a gas station. Again...what the hell people! They were pretty dehydrated but Laurie already had them warmed up and started on fluids. They are doing great now! 5 boys with attitudes! Older than the first group and old pro's at taking the bottle...a big help!

All very cute boys, all with attitudes....Vin Diesel, Gerard Butler, Bruce Willis, LL Cool J, and The Rock are also all cute boys with attitudes, LOL, so I think those names will stick!

My days off Friday and Saturday are a blur getting everyone stabilized and onto formula. Sunday before going into work...take in 5 more was trapped in some other town in Eastern Ma. and the guy brought her to our neck of the woods....just let her out of the trap then left her 6 babies out in a box for 3 hours. The woman who called me ended up with them. 1 died while with her, and another died shortly after getting to me. But the remaining 4 are doing great in Laurie's care right now! People please! You are making me crazy!!!

Back to work on Sunday and a call from the Animal Rescue League. Guy capped his chimney on Thursday when momma coon left. Knew the kids were in there BUT DIDN'T BOTHER CALLING ANYONE UNTIL SUNDAY! They spent most of Sunday trying to get them. Finally got all 3 and brought them to me at work. Got the frozen babies set up on heat, but one was already dying. When I checked them again to see if they were warm enough and to give them fluids, the remaining 2 were quietly passing on.......Soooo....instead of calling someone that day and being able to easily reunite mom with her babies outside that night, he chose to let them freeze and starve and suffer for the better part of 4 days until he finally felt guilty. Unfortunately it was too late for these 2 week old souls.

It's all very frustrating....but on the other end of it, at least we have some that have managed to luck out and make it to safety....with the help of all the people that DO care and go out of their way to help! To all of you...a great big Thank You! You turn what would have been a total tragedy into a happy ending for some!


  1. Wow! Baby season is here! Sounds like you really got your hands full. It's nice know that htere are folks like you taking care of these poor little ones.

  2. I don't know how you do it. I would be so heart broken I wouldn't be able to think straight. I'd either cry like a baby or take my anger out on the idiots somehow...probably both, and that doesn't do anything to help the animals. I just don't understand people that have no regard for living creatures - something has to be not quite right in their brains.
    I really truly admire what you do!!!

  3. Thanks guys....and I do do both sometimes Fiver! LOL It gets so frustrating...that's why I tried to end this post on a positive note with all the good folks out there because I was in that "rant" frame of mind again after all the unnecesary tragedies and it just makes me so angry sometimes. Trying to keep it a positive blog about the good stuff while educating about the ignorant stuff without sounding like a raving lunatic! LOL Sometimes I long for the old days when I was blissfully unaware and it didn't eat me up so much.....but then I go to feed the gang and I know it's a good thing I'm not.