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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Squirrels Batman...... and more.

First of all a long overdue GREAT BIG THANK YOU! goes out to John for the awesome den boxes he made for the coonies! Four luxury suites....the babies won't want to move out! He brought them by on Easter, the last day of calm before the storm, and I've been so crazy since then I have done nothing but weed through phone calls and gather squirrels!
So I'm feeding the squirrels...(what squirrels you ask? I'll get to that.....) and I look out my window and see this guy prance by checking out the yard! Ran around the whole yard and finally just into the woods in the back yard. One of the girls from the Gobble Gang was none to thrilled either! She didn't totally panic as the fox's curiosity led it to check her out, she was just a little anxious. She is after all bigger than the fox and would definitely come out on the winning end of that battle! Managed to snap this just as the fox came out of the wood line into my backyard again.....saw the flash and off it went. Mom or dad out looking for breakfast for the kits I imagine...
Yes....lots of nocturnal animals are out during the daytime (especially this time of year!) and does not mean they are sick! Many have little mouths to feed and it's safer leaving them during the day to go get food. I said the last week has been so crazy I can't even describe! I managed to finish getting the newly extended release pen ready but haven't had a second to get the gang over there! Phoenix is doing much better....most of the swelling is gone so she will be able to head over there with them if I ever get a second!

Back to the squirrels....a total explosion of orphans has left all of us loaded with babies to feed! First these 2 cuties had their tree cut down and no luck reuniting with mom.

Big yawn.....this is the life!
The ever adorable food coma after a feeding.
Then 6 more! These guys were very well taken care of for 2 weeks before coming to me...big, beefy little piggies! Just a little comfy...ya think! LOL

This VERY tiny mouse came in .....the nest was disturbed, mom moved them all but never came back and collected this little guy. It is so tiny I was cross-eyed trying to get a close enough look to see if it was eating! Poor little fella didn't make it.....I'm not surprised as mice don't even do well with mom half the time. The reason mice have a lot of babies is because a lot don't make it to adulthood....more babies insures some make it to keep the species going. (Doesn't make me feel any better about it, but it takes a little of the sting out of it!)

JoAnn and Mary are also loaded with squirrels...they probably each have around 6-8 as well and Lisa has about 14!! Luckily help is on the way for her! Laurie was on vacation for the past week during the squirrel explosion (lucky wench! LOL) but she just got back last night and no doubt Lisa was waiting to greet her with an armload for her to take over! Welcome back to baby hell Lau! LOL
Also ended up with a mom raccoon and her 3 kits in need of help. They are safely tucked away in Mary's release pen now thank god!.....I'll get to her story next....

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