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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well the Momma coon that we put in Mary's pen with her 3 babies managed to escape with one of her babies! Mary heard the babies start squawking up a storm Wednesday night.....much louder and longer than they should be. When she checked the den box, only 2 babies were in there and no sign of Mom and the third baby. She brought them in, warmed them up and fed them and they were put back out in the den box with heat for mom to hopefully retrieve that night.
No such luck!
I took them Thursday and kept them fed and we decided to try one more night. Laurie suggested mom may want nothing to do with the cage so we tried using the reuniting box outside the cage. They got their last feeding at 8pm and I set them up in the box and we all crossed our fingers!!
Mary checked the box the next morning....and SUCCESS! The babies were picked up and the family has moved on to a new home, whereabouts unknown. Gold star to Laurie for that one!
This is the new girl, Kinky. Unclear if she was left behind or kidnapped at the tender age of about 1 week....but she made it here and is doing great! She's got a cute little kink at the end of her tail!
Our little gang from the Animal Rescue League is doing great...minus one of the females. She had to be euthanized after a sudden problem with one of her arms. X-Rays showed no breaks or problems, but it was stiff by her side and getting worse. She was obviously in a lot of pain and even after some pain meds she continued to deteriorate and was obviously suffering so the difficult decision was made. The remainder of the litter are thriving and growing like weeds and already have one distemper vaccine on board! I'll breath a lot easier when their quarantine is over.

The 5 boys with attitude are also great! Playtime in the large dog crate after feedings is fun and they love their hammock!

Gerry is a soon as he's done eating he curls up into a little ball to keep sucking on his own built in pacifier if ya get my drift! When I put him in the crate, he curls up and ends up literally doing somersaults around the cage! LOL
Awwwww...look how cute! Don't let that angelic face fool ya! They are the boys with attitude for a reason!! Do not piss them off! LOL
We are REALLY hoping to get the overwinters to the release pen this Thursday!! It has been so crazy around here for all of us with so many babies we just haven't had the chance! They gotta go!

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  1. Sooooooooo insanely cute I can't stand it, LOL.
    ROFL at Gerry!!!!