North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Home at last!

We're finally back and settled after a whirlwind week of wildlife conferences! We got back Sunday night and it was good to be home. It's taken half a week to play catch up and get back into my normal routine.
As usual the New York conference was a great time. It was on Grand Island up by Niagara Falls so after settling in (Mary, Sue, Lisa and Laurie inspect the comfort of the beds).......
....we took a short trip up to check out the falls. It was wet and cold....therefore a short trip! Of course I ended up spending most of that time on the phone with the Animal Rescue League regarding a trap we have set up for a mangy fox! Even when you're away you don't really get away when it comes to dealing with wildlife!

Mary was the smart one and stayed in the nice warm car when we decided to check out this trail. Sue's hubby Jim was along for the trip too! This big guy loved having all tourists throw him treats! I walked right up to him while he enjoyed some almonds. We don't have these guys near us....he's a fox squirrel. Bigger than our grays and different coloring....but cute just the same!

We also took a field trip to Hawk Creek Wildlife Center.
I wish I had more pics like I did last time, but unfortunately we got there later this year and it was pretty cold and rainy. Between the darkness and the rain the camera didn't come out much. I did manage to get pretty good shots of these beauties though!

Three days packed with lots of great seminars and new things learned! Thanks so much to JoAnn and my sister in law Christine for keeping an eye on the gang while I was gone! Christine had the added bonus of taking one of my dogs (Bernard) to stay with her for the weekend....lucky lady! Mom and Dad lucked out with the other 2 dogs, Boo boo and Marly. It's not easy to go away when you have tons of animals that need sitters! Thanks to you all for keeping them safe while I was gone!

And great big thanks to Sue and Jim who managed to sneak around behind our backs and surprise us all with the new edition of Wild Mammal Babies! The first 48 hours and beyond. It's the wildlife rehabilitators bible and we couldn't wait to get our hands on it. We were wondering why Chris from Chris's Squirrels and More kept putting us off every time we tried to buy them! Sue squrrl beat us to the punch! LOL


  1. You certainly had a full agenda and a lot on your plate to digest now that you're back...glad to hear you got to enjoy the wildlife in other places...:)JP

  2. I love it! I wish I had a job like yours, even though I know it is probably hard work and at times frustrating. Still, the rewards must be great! love the bobcats! And that little owl! And the bird! SO COOL. SO UNBELIEVEABLY COOL!!!!!!