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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Poor Vin Diesel!

It was good to get back to Vin. I was worried about him taking his antibiotics while I was gone. He did fine though. His butt is almost completely closed looks great. We're keeping him on antibiotics though because I discovered what appears to be another large abscess forming across his back. It's pretty sensitive to him when I touch it, but god bless him.... if I go slow and easy he lets me examine him and I can feel the abscess pocket. He's eating fine though and acting normal.....I think he's just using it as an excuse to suck up more attention from me! LOLHe came in this last time missing some toenails too. The toes are healing up great as well....minus the nail for now....and it doesn't seem to phase him anymore. He's also walking normal again! Whew!

So me being the sucker that I am.....he comes out chattering pathetically and I have to go over and "comfort" him. But not such a sucker after all......this gives me the perfect chance to scratch him all over...thereby examining him without him realizing my ulterior motives! Aha!
He gets a good scratching while I'm able pick off all the scabs to keep the wounds open and keep an eye on any new developments that pop up.......without him battling me because he thinks I'm trying to do something to him! Works perfectly and makes caring for him sooooo much easier! It just requires a little patience...not something I'm usually known to have! LOL

All the squirrels have been released now. The last cage was opened up just before heading to NY. Of course they are all still hanging out in there. That's fine. There is no one else to go in there this year so the pens will remain available to them to use over the winter if they need it. Little Monkey the red is still hanging around in the shed. There's a little hole for extension cords to fit in that is just the perfect size to fit a red squirrel! He's got lots of hidey holes to hang out in in there and he's taking full advantage of it....that's also fine by me! Don't mind his company at all....except when I go in there and he scares the crap out of me! LOL

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