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Monday, October 4, 2010

Holy crap! Babies in October!

Laurie got a call this past week from a woman that found a baby raccoon in the middle of a very busy road. When Laurie called and told me we both figured "we'll see what it really is when it gets here". Many times things are not what people think they are....and all the coonie babies should be grown by now!
Well holy crap....doesn't it turn out to be a little baby raccoon! Very young and very much still on the bottle.'re about 4 months late this season little fella!!
The next day the woman checked the area for more and sure enough there were 2 more at the entrance of a drainpipe, down in a ravine type median in the middle of a very busy main road in Woburn. She managed to grab one but the other went further into the drain pipe and disappeared. Laurie headed out there to try to help. Unable to reach the little one Laurie called in the Animal Rescue League to help. Fast forward a couple hours and soon she has the DPW, Woburn Police, Woburn Fire dept. and State police on scene, all trying to help find the little bugger! Unfortunately it was an unsuccessful endeavor.
Of course we can't stop thinking about the poor thing so we decide to head back that night to see if just maybe we could find it in the no avail. But the drain pipe goes underground across the road and under a big building. There is a night guard there, and turns out a night shift on duty in the we head in and ask if they know where in the building the pipe goes to and can it be checked? They call the maintenance guy who would love to help (actually they were all very helpful and kind.....but who wouldn't be with 2 adorable little baby raccoons there to melt their hearts! LOL) but even if they could manage to find the pipe, all they would be able to look at is straight down a manhole, not into the actual pipe. They also mentioned seeing a dead coon in the road within the past week also, no doubt the mom. So he promises to keep an eye out and we have to call it a night.....a very sleepless night thinking about one poor unfortunate baby that would probably die out there.
Fast forward again to the next day....I'm at work and get a text from Laurie.....the third baby was found and in route to her house! AMEN!!! I was ready to ball my eyes out I was so happy! A not so common happy ending thanks to the diligence of the 2 women who found the first baby and didn't give up, checking the area on their way to work, until the last one was found and safe!

2 girls and a boy now reunited and doing great despite a rough beginning and a crazy search and rescue! I had the pleasure of coon sitting for a couple of days and I have to tell ya....Laurie almost didn't get them back! No worries though...they'll be back here soon enough to join all the rest that will be spending the winter!


  1. Reading that story this morning is just so heart-warming! So glad the family is together and has new parents!!!..:)JP

  2. OOOOOOH I LOVE happy endings!!! I was reading the story and thinking, oh no, oh no!!! You HAVE to find him!!
    Yippee!!! I didn't want to read a sad ending to this. :)
    You guys ROCK!!!

  3. I'm so glad you found the last one! They are so adorable- I bet they are glad to be reunited :)

  4. Bed, Biscuits and Beyond Pet CareOctober 24, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    Dee what a great story,with a happy ending. It is amazing how perfect strangers will work together to help these little cuties. Congatulations to ALL involved. :)