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Saturday, October 23, 2010

An update on my extended family!

My coyote pair has grown! Near the end of the summer looks like mom and dad brought the kids out to show them the best places to visit.Looks like the kids learn fast! This little guy decided to beat the crowd and came back on his own early the very next night. Isn't he the cutest, most handsome thing! Absolutely gorgeous!
I'm happy to report everyone is behaving and getting along least while visiting mom's house! LOL
Here we have one of the little stinkers, a coonie and one of the red fox's. How do I know there's a fox there you wonder??
Surprise! LOL

The coonies and the stinkers pretty much have no problem with each other and often visit together. Here is Quinny politely enjoying a meal with a stinky guest!

Even more incredible........ one screws with the least not at mom's house! LOL How amazing is that? We could learn a LOT from our wild friends!!

And a special thanks to Kristen and all the wonderful people who send over goodies for the gang. As you can see the occasional sweet treat is greatly appreciated by the coonies who are not about to share it with anyone!

I'm outta here and I'm takin' the pie with me! Ha ha...what piggies!


  1. Those video clips are so AWSUM. They make me laugh. Aren't skunks cute really? I sure think they are.

  2. This is absolutely adorable. Coyote, stinkies, coonies and foxes all living in harmony!

    Oh, have you seen your Red lately? I haven't heard of her for quite a while.

  3. Thanks baystatebrumby! They certainly are very cute....irresistable as babies!! LOL. Little Monkey the red is living in my least part time I think! There is a little hole in the shed all the mice use and he's going in and out of the very least he is keeping a stash in there!

  4. LOVE love love these night time pics! The coyotes are so gorgeous! ♥

  5. Ohh, I'm trying to play catch up in blogland and I've missed so much!!! I love these pics and videos. That one with the fox peeking his head up is a riot!!!
    Soooooooo CUTE!!