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Monday, April 11, 2011

ARL Boston to the rescue!

I work in Waltham and a lot of people call the police when they see an animal in need of rescue. Luckily for us we have the Animal Rescue League to help out with things we are just not equipped to handle!

At the end of March we were getting A LOT of calls about this Canada goose with a 6 pack ring around it's neck. (Another good reason to take care of your trash properly!!!!! But that's another soap box for another time......) Some of our officers attempted to get him with no luck, and on my trip out there he wasn't around. The ARL got these pics during several trips out there to attempt to get him. He was not making it easy! update on April 6 on their Twitter page.....Yayyyyy, rescue accomplished!! Persistence pays. They also dealt with another goose issue in Waltham. This pair picked a hell of a place to nest!
But they checked them out and got these pics of Mom and Dad goose doing just fine tending to their nest. It's actually perfectly situated to protect it from predators, but not going to be easy for the babies when they hatch to get down and head toward the water!
We'll cross that bridge when we get to it I guess!

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  1. wow- good thing the pair has you guys around to help out- that is a heck of a drop off that roof! I am always picking up trash off the road and now that I see that goose it gives me further motivation to keep doing it even if my hubby says I look silly picking up other people's trash. Poor thing- I am glad they were finally able to catch him and help him out.