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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The gang's all here.

A couple days sitting at my kitchen table feeding pinkies as I stare out the kitchen window has given me the opportunity to see that most of the usual gang is back this spring.

OK so the foxes were here all along, but they have now come to think of my squirrel feeders as a possible new feeding station for them! I'm not impressed, however, with their skills.

I think this is Mr. Fox.....on his fourth unsuccessful attempt. By the time I get up to run out there and prevent a breech of the peace, he's already heading off empty handed! The weed whacker is back to keeping the lawn nice and trimmed.... ...and my favorite turkey girl is back for her usual spring retreat. She's pretty good at helping protect the squirrels at the feeder also, when she's there. The fox steers away while she's out there. She is, after all, just as big as them...if not bigger! They know better than to mess with her.
So far so good with the little coonie babies, the pinkies have gone to Lisa and although I didn't have to trade anything, I did end up with 2 more squirrels that are older and only need to eat 5 times a day instead of every 2 hours! A couple girls..1 is 5 weeks and the other 6 weeks. I'll get pics eventually!

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  1. I know he's a bit of a nuiscanse- but I really love Mr Fox! I am glad to hear that you are getting squirrels that are a little bit older. I read yesterday's post but I ran out of time to comment. We used to have a female turkey that visited out feeders too- but I think she found a different yard that does not have dogs living in it :) I should try putting a feeder tray out into the woods a bit for her- I sure do miss her. I hope you sneak time in for rest this weekend ♥