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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friends, foes & moving day for the girls.

Still no visit from Vin yet, but Scrappy here is still making regular visits. He especially likes to show up when I'm out feeding everyone else. Hmmmmmm, wonder why that is??? LOL

After running into Scrappy I had the extreme pleasure of running into my Ringer girl! I had just thrown a little treat to Hissy out back and as I went to walk by the main feeding platform she came running down to see me. So I gave her some dinner and we hung out while she ate. She looks great and, as usual, despite not seeing each other for months, she was quite happy to see me and was more than accepting of a few scratches under the chin and behind the ears! How wonderful it is to see how well she has done since her release in 2006!!

Yesterday Laurie and I got the girls moved to the release site! After a frustrating, sometimes humorous (not all coonies turn around to bite you when you grab their tails to prevent them from getting up a tree after escaping!), sometimes painful (unfortunately for Laurie....some do when you're not the mamma and you're trying to grab them!) we FINALLY got them all packed in crates and shipped to the release site.

So in a couple weeks, Pip, Merry, Dolci, Stony, May, Amy, Moose and Kinky will be free at last! Maybe they can say Hi to Baloo, Cinn, Peanut and the gang if they run into them since it's the same release site.

My little red friends don't seem to be stalking the squirrel feeder as much....but I do occasionally have to chase one or the other off. I came downstairs the other day to find this one laying on the ground right in front of the deck. On top of the railing was a big fat (obviously very smart) squirrel....just sitting up watching it! OK....maybe it was actually taunting it! That squirrel knew to stay calm and sit tight....the fox wasn't getting it up there. LOL

I opened the kitchen window to "suggest" to the fox it might want to move along. As it took off across the yard, foiled once again, it turned and I got one last dirty look before it ran into the woods.

Instead of sauntering off into the woods as usual, I think it decided to test our intelligence a little. A grateful squirrel was not fooled in the least and opted to trot right past me into the woods while I stood guard.
Sorry little fella....I love you guys, but this is not the fox feeding station! (But it sure is nice to get such a close up look at such a beauty!)


  1. I remember Ringer, she's one of the spring 2006 babies. According to my notes (yeah, I had to take notes coz I dunno them like you do lol), she's of the second litter out of 5 babies. This is so sweet, she remembers you and lets you scratch her, and she's already 5 years old!!

    This reminds me of another favourite of yours Red who loves to jump on you. lol

    How far away is the release site the girls are currently situated? And good for Scrappy always coming in to visit you. May be it's time for us to "scrap" his nickname Trouble #2 since he's behaving very well these days.

    Hope Vin's doing well ... I miss him.

  2. LOL...I have to agree, trouble #2 does not fit anymore. He is behaving quite well now! I only wish trouble #1 would come back and wreak some least for one night...just so I know he's ok!

    Ringer is my #1 girl! I can always count on her to pop in every spring. I'm really hoping Red makes an appearance soon too.....although I'm not always out there in the wee hours like I used to be. But chances are if she's still around she'll be following me around one early evening while I'm out feeding....

    The release site is about 40 minutes away! It's a pain in the butt, however my work is halfway between home and the release site so I just run out there before or after work, depending on my shift, so it's not too bad. They are hard to come by so we have to make some compromises...

  3. I can't believe that fox was sitting right below your deck! He sure is a beauty- glad he didn't get dinner at your place though :)

  4. Me too Kim! Just what I don't want to see while sipping coffee and relaxing watching the squirrels eating peacefully outside my kitchen window! :)