North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The new gang so far.

Well it appears our 2 little one's that got off to such a rough start have decided to stick around and enjoy the pampered life here. They are eating great, gaining weight and using a bottle now so no more tube feeding. They are lucky duckies for sure! So Lucky (left, the female) & Ducky (right, the boy) it is! An unexpected surprise in the girls pen showed up Friday. I walked out there to the sound of crying babies, and on further investigation discovered Stony had given birth to 2 little girls in one of the hammocks in the pen. Not a good spot, but OK for the day while everyone else was holed up in den boxes. Near the end of the day I moved the babies and mom into the pen vacated by Vin and Scrappy. I couldn't trust that any of the others in the pen wouldn't hurt the babies. Unfortunately after the move Stony wouldn't take care of the babies. I gave her time to settle in, but it was cold out and the babies were getting cold. So I brought them in for the night and cared for them and tried to bring them back out to here the next morning after she was settled into a den box. No luck. I put them in there and she just ran past them out of the box and began pacing the cage again. So Stony's newborns are happily settled in with Lucky and Ducky and eating well from a bottle and doing great. They are actually a little bigger than Lucky and Ducky despite being a week younger. I may make one last attempt to reunite them. Tonight when I went out there she didn't just run out of the den box, then I began tossing her some treats in there for some positive her an incentive to stay in there. Tomorrow I may try to add the babies to the treats and see if she takes over with them again. If she doesn't take them I'll bring them in permanently.
Another pair of sisters that made it here. The homeowner did something at the house and mom ran off with one baby. A fellow employee of the guy contacted Lisa and it was hoped we could try to reunite them but she said the guy was a real jerk and she was pretty sure he would just kill them. So she ran over there and grabbed them and safely delivered them to Lisa who kept them nice and cozy for the day and got them to me when I got out of work. Both are also doing great. They were in great shape to begin with having just been separated from their mom that day. One black and one brown girl.

Rounding out the raccoons we have Trooper here. The Animal Rescue League got a call from the Brighton state trooper barracks. A couple had come across this guy while walking along the Charles and brought him in. Unfortunately they didn't think to remember exactly where they found him. He was in top shape! Most likely mom had been moving him and something happened. Had we known exactly where could have attempted reuniting them.

When Brian from the ARL went in to pick him up, one of the troopers wanted to be very sure this little guy was not going to just be euthanized and told Brian as much! LOL He was reassured by Brian that he was there to rescue him, not kill him! So Brian got the absolutely adorable, chunky little guy to me and he was in such great shape my job was easy! He's huge for his age....a monster coon like Baloo was.

Thanks to the troopers that made sure he was safe!

Only 2 squirrels so far. A couple girls.

Little 5 week old Lucifer here (Luci for short)
And the 6wk old Sweetie here. I think their names speak for themselves! The picture of Luci above is her attacking me as I go to feed her....teeth gnashing and growling and charging me the whole time! Trust me the name fits! LOL
Both are doing great. Sweetie was a little emaciated when she came in but is filling out quickly and looks great and Luci calms down a little once I get a nipple of formula shoved into her mouth. Once it's gone she's Lucifer again though! LOL


  1. oooooh!!!!! so CUTE!!!!!! i could stare at those little faces all day...but unfortunately i can't...i love those little tiny bandits!! and lucifer & sweetie....aaaaaaaawww!!!!!!

    you do such an amazing and wonderful life.... :)

  2. I was kind of wondering how tame the baby squirrels were. Lucifer is acting how I imagined they would- lol :) I love watching the squirrels in my yard- but they can sure hold their own :) The little raccoons are soo sweet- I know they can't tell you so I will tell you and all of your helpers again- thank you so much for taking care of these little ones.

  3. Thanks Laura! Aren't they the cutest things! Oh I just can't help but help them when they need it! Usually the baby squirrels are not so evil they get older they start to get more like that, but Luci is a little young! I am happy to say she has started to loosen up quite a bit....she only reacts that way now before she realizes it's me coming to feed her! Now she's the first to come running into my lap to